Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free service offered by Google to help website managers gain metrics and perspectives on their website’s visitor traffic. Once you’ve taken the time to plan, build, and market your website, you can use Google Analytics to generate reports and statistics to see if you are effectively reaching your target audience. These reports can help give you insight as to how visitors are finding your website, what pages they view the longest and which ones they leave your website from, whether or not a conversion takes place from a call-to-action, and other important marketing and sales indicators.

As your website traffic grows it is important to know which sources are most effective at generating new website visitors. Google Analytics can display the referral source such as a website that links to yours, a search engine result, email campaign, social networking referral, pay-per-click ads, banner ads, or other collateral like PDF files.

The basic service is free of charge and there is a premium service available for a fee. Most first time, small business owners will have more than enough information from the reporting tools that  are included in the free Google Analytics service. The premium service is much more tailored to SEO and Enterprise Website Marketing Professionals.

Here’s a helpful video to help you learn more about Google Analytics and how to use it.

Setup Google Analytics

Here are some additional helpful links to get you started.

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