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Broadcast Yourself on YouTube

Impressive Impact understands the importance of ‘see and be seen’ via your very own YouTube Channel – Broadcast Yourself! And you can monetize your website by having ads appear on the lower third of your videos! You can also market your business even further by placing ads on other people’s YouTube videos if their viewers fit your target audience!

We can help you edit your videos and upload them to YouTube and create your own channel that can augment your existing website’s content. Instead of having to manage a media server for video clips as a separate component of your online marketing initiatives, off-load that to YouTube – it’s their specialty! Store all your videos in one place and link to them from your primary website. Viewers can subscribe to your YouTube Channel and who knows, if one of your videos ‘goes viral’ then it can create a media storm of traffic to your website to see and learn more. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to create free publicity!

  • video clip optimization for best download speeds
  • great venue for free marketing and publicity
  • no need to manage your own Media Server to host video downloads

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