About Us

We are a team of talented, highly trained professionals in website, graphic design, and online marketing technologies.

Impressive Impact came into existence in year 2005 while its founder, Tony Traveis, ran into an acquaintance at a nightclub who happened to mention a need for a website. While working on that project, another opportunity materialized in the same way. Tony realized that destiny had him inadvertently become self-employed, so he seized the opportunity to take a step of faith and build his own business. He built a foundation for a business, one client at a time, by applying the exact same skills and talents that achieved success when he managed a design team in corporate america.

At first, Impressive Impact’s services included web design, graphic design, and corporate identity packages. However, after developing a dependable reputation and working relationship with our clients, many of them sought us for our expertise in finding solutions to their other business needs such as web hosting and eCommerce. Soon we realized that most small business owners had many unanswered questions about internet technologies. Many of our clients needed professional consulting in order to successfully market their business as well as alleviate the frustration associated with finding reliable resources and managing relationships with multiple vendors.

Impressive Impact studios evolved into a business that not only creates world class digital media and graphic design projects, we also provide the resources our clients need to support their websites, print marketing materials, and deliver online advertising campaigns.